Recycle Musical Cards

Have you ever received a musical card? The kind you open up and there’s either a spoken word or song that starts playing?

We love those!  Except after awhile, you don’t want to keep hearing that sound clip, but it’s too awesome to throw it away (and they’re not cheap either)!

So we brainstormed… what if we took the sound chip out and made another card? What a great way to carry forward the joy!

For instance, we received a card that sings, “Money, money, money! MONEY!”  You know the song.  This can be used for both money or gift cards.

First, begin cutting. Don’t cut the white tab in the middle (all musical cards have this tab in the middle).

It’ll now look like this:

Now cut just the top layer that essentially hides the sound chip.  The kids will LOVE this step.

Cut around the white tab and around the chip and speaker until all you have left is just the essentials.

Here is when the kids will ask how the thing works, and will want to press down the tab and make it play.  You can sound smart and explain how a circuit works and point out what is moving when they press down the tab.

Now have the kids make their own card cover.  They can do just one side or both!  Anabelle worked on a ‘Money, money’ card for a family member birthday coming up, and Katarina worked on a “hi, hi, hi!” card to give to her friends.

We used two separate pieces of paper to demonstrate the crease better, but this will work with one piece of paper too!  Just make sure that the crease on the white tab matches the crease of the middle of the page.  Remember that when the flap is flat, the sound plays.  Glue the back of the sound chip to the paper.

It would make more sense now to go ahead and add a half sheet of paper to the top of the sound chip (to hide it) but I instead went ahead and glued the back of the flap to the other side.  Problem is, while I work on the rest, the sound is playing… be smarter than my first try and save that step for last!

Sound chip all covered up!

Anabelle’s finished product:

Tomorrow we’ll show you how we recycled normal holiday cards!

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