Resources and Links

I thought it might be nice to put my favorite resources and links in one place. This list is a work in progress, but hopefully you find something useful (or fun) here!


Everyone has their personal favorites, but we recommend 1&1 for Web Hosting Why? We love their customer service. Oh, and the price is right.

Holiday Resources:

How do I know about all these wacky holidays, notable birthdays, and historical anniversaries? My favorite resource is:

It’s pricey but used ones come up pretty quickly, and libraries often stock it.

Favorite Science Guy:

Steve Spangler.  I’ve written about this guy many times because we’ve had so much fun with some of his science experiments.  You really need to check him out!

Favorite Goofy, Quick Family Entertainment for a laugh during bedtime snack:

Bored Shorts TV  – You might know them as the Kid History folks.

The Talking Animals Channel  – You might know it as the Ultimate Dog Tease channel. Personally, my fave is the Cat Playing ‘I Spy’.

Many of you know that our family read the Bible together in a year. It was a fun adventure! No, seriously! Our favorite complement to reading time?

What’s In the Bible – You might know some of the characters from, another fun place to visit.

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