Reverse Engineering

Have a small appliance that stopped working ages ago?  Or maybe a small appliance that suddenly stopped working at a horrible time and led to an unfortunate event (stitches)?

Consider reverse engineering as some family fun (and cheap therapy in the case of stitches).

In my case, I had been wanting to give Sam the opportunity to reverse engineer something for the last month. Then the unfortunate events happened and my first instinct was to chuck the mixer into the trash.  Thankfully I thought it through, cut off the power source, and after confirming it was safe, handed over the screwdriver.

I thought it could be some good fun, and challenged Sam to figure out how the mixer worked.  I didn’t expect he’d literally figure it out, and fast!  I had to have him explain it to me twice.

Sam explains the mixer speeds to me and how it responds to it.

It turned out to be so much fun that his sister is hoping something breaks soon so she can have a turn!

We now have a new rule in the house that no one is allowed to break small appliances on purpose!





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