Rice Snowman & Children With Other Ideas

I know there is a plethora of cute, awesome, amazing snowman ideas.  I saw one cute idea regarding snowmen made of socks but it required cotton batting and beans and other crafty items I don’t own.  Then I thought about rice warmers.  Could I combine the two?

I tested my theory out of some fancy long socks my daughter thinks are scratchy.  I poured rice into a sock, knotted it, poured rice, knotted it, and folded down the top edge for the hat.  I microwaved it for a minute and voila! Warmth.

Until my youngest walked in.  “OH!  So Cute!”

She confiscated it.  I explained I was about to draw on a face and add some fabric embellishments.  “No!  Not my Snow Beanie!”

Oh dear.  She had already named it.  I explained how I was about to microwave it to show her the warmth – “No!  Don’t microwave him!”

Before I knew it, Snow Beanie had sequins glued on for buttons.  “Uh, sequins are NOT microwaveable,” I stated.

Anabelle smiled.  I believe that was her plan.  Snow Beanie is safe and now sleeping next to her pillow.

2 comments to Rice Snowman & Children With Other Ideas

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    How funny! Very clever thinking on her part to rescue her snow beanie =)

  • Diana

    Smart girl…keeping Snow Beanie safe! I found you via It’s Playtime. I have a new meme called Thematic Thursday and this week’s theme is Winter/Snow. I’d love to see this post linked up. Find Thematic Thursday here.

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