Road Trip Games & Tips

It’s that time of year, so I’m gathering all the road trip tips I can!  Here’s one from a good friend that we will SO be using!

Make a copy of the mapped route you will be using for each kid. Highlight the path and use it to challenge them to figure out where they are, by themselves, using the map and signs.

Place a star at locations that you know you will be taking a break.  Tourist sites, rest areas, relatives, etc.  If you put a number by that star, it can signal to give out a new snack or activity.  I put my portions in paper bags with numbers on it, but this blogger combined the ideas.  I packed enough for them to have a very small snack or activity for every hour.

This blogger packs border bags for crossing into a new state!

I’ll share even more of my fave ideas tomorrow!





2 comments to Road Trip Games & Tips

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    Thanks for linking my border bags! Have a great trip!

    • Fun Mom

      We made it 25 hours to our destination, and it really wasn’t so bad. Now, the trick is to restock on all these things for the trip back! *nervous*

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