Rocket Into Fun

Sam first became aware that you can build your own rocket in Boy Scouts.  So when he had a free day with Dad and Grandpa Don, he knew what he wanted to do with it. Build and launch a rocket!

As a newbie to this whole rocket business, I was quite surprised to find out my 10 year old was indeed old enough.  All I could think was: “Danger! Danger!”  But the men followed the safety procedures, and it really was great entertainment!

The three men explained all the science to me, but in the end I just retained that the wad helps the parachute release and the doodad below the engine forces it up.  And the doohickie attaches to an indicator wire deallyhoo that can go bad so you might want an extra thingymajiggy handy just in case.

I have a hard time seeing my children do seemingly grown up things… like putting together a rocket and launching it. Seems more like a space shuttle in my mind when watching my child do it.

Isn’t that a ROCKIN’ photo?

I highly recommend this family fun event.  I also highly recommend doing it far, far away from any other buildings or streets.

Wanna feel like you were there?  Check out this video montage!  (Or skip towards the end to make fun of my freaking out montage.)

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