Roller Coaster Science

The kids have been wanting to come up with creative things to do with cereal boxes.  A marble run sounded like just the ticket!  In fact, if you want to make sure your marble run works, I highly recommend following the previous link!

However, if you are like Sam . . . and many other children I know, you might have a fascination for rollercoasters.  And this would be the ideal chance for kiddos to test their ideas.  Our house has collections of many rollercoaster designs on paper… now for a working model!

What a great opportunity to see just how the slightest change could be disastrous for a passenger on a roller coaster!  We tested our rollercoaster with a magnetix ball that can’t possibly break.

The marbles were relieved, and glad to have a turn after the safety tests were completed.  Sam made sure there were several paths the marbles could take, so it would never be the same ride twice.

Now on to a thriller ride!

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