Photo Credit: Zac Peckler

Many of you know that our family is reading through the Bible chronologically this year. We’re ALMOST out of the Old Testament (Hurray!). I’m actually surprised we’ve gotten this far, but ecstatic. Anyway, when you read Daniel and a lot of the later books you get all these visions about times yet to come that are . . . well, freaky.

It sparked some dinner conversation where Katarina was asking everyone what they think Heaven would be like. It’s drifted in and out of our minds frequently lately as a family friend precious to all of us passed away a few months ago. Katarina mused that she thought there would be some kind of lake that looked like sapphires.

At bedtime, Anabelle came downstairs and said she couldn’t stop thinking about sapphires.


“Cause I don’t know what they look like!” Then she talked some more about her guesses and hopes of what heaven would be like.

Sighing, as bedtime grew later and later, I said, “Tell you what: tomorrow I will show you pictures.”

“PICTURES!!!!!” she hollered with bulging eyes.

“Of SAPPHIRES! NOT Heaven,” I stammered, realizing my error.

Somehow these pictures don’t seem that cool after that blunder. Although, I wouldn’t turn down any sapphires!

Photo Credit: Cliff1066



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