Save Money On Dryer Sheets

Our family uses dryer sheets, and even with coupons I hate the amount of money they cost! A fellow frugal shopper overheard me ahead in line bemoaning the rising costs to a friend.  He told us that we could make the dryer sheets last 3 times as long if we cut them in thirds!

I’d previously heard you could just reuse the sheet a couple of times.  He insisted that cutting them was the better method. If you reuse the sheet, most of the good it’ll do has already been used up.  And after awhile, it becomes a fire risk.  I can’t back this up with research but what he said made sense to me, at least.

I went home, chopped a bunch of them up, and hoped for the best.. Know what?  We can’t tell a difference!  I asked my friend if she tried it.  She said she started with cutting them just in half and she can’t tell the difference.

Instant money saver! I have no idea why I hadn’t thought of that before.  As an added bonus, apparently you should be putting a slip of these between blankets in the linen closet to keep them from smelly musty.

What do you think? Have you tried this before?

4 comments to Save Money On Dryer Sheets

  • Joan

    Great tip. I will definitely try it. It makes sense.

  • Angie

    Hi! Just wanted to suggest you get the Norwex dryer balls. They cut down on static, and don’t have any bad chemicals on them. Also, you only have to pay for them once, so you spend less money in the long run. 🙂 I am not a consultant, but love mine!! 🙂

  • steph

    there is a recipe on pinterest for homemade dryer sheets. It is very simple && I got a great deal on some organic fabric softner 🙂 So its not all junk chemicals.

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