Savers and World Penguin Day

I’ve always wanted my children to know the value of saving for what they want. To know that instant gratification is not something that occurs naturally in the real grown up world of money.

My children are never short on wishes.  Neither are their parents, for that matter.  But there is one thing that they’ve all never relented on. I even got pictures slid underneath my door, starting a year ago:

I wasn’t too worried; trampolines are too expensive for their pockets.

That was last year.  That was before they all started saving most of the money that came their way.  That was before they realized they could ALL combine their money.  That was before a big sale on a trampoline/safety enclosure package.

Savers can be dangerous, especially when they join together.

Even with savers in the house, I’m still the gatekeeper and was very nervous about safety.

I had read all about the injuries that happen on these things, and wasn’t sure I’d allow it.

Until I read comparable injuries with bikes and skiing and the like.  Then, I read about the major reasons WHY kids get hurt. Allow me to share our rules as a direct result:

No jumping off roofs, or any other structure, onto the trampoline.

No games that involve the eyes being closed.

No flips or somersaults WHATSOEVER.

A parent must be in the vicinity, watching, to stop you if you decide to do something stupid. Run all ideas that deviate from normal jumping by a parent.  The parent will tell you if it’s stupid.

Don’t get hurt.

The End.

I didn’t realize just how MUCH exercise the kids would get on the first day it was set up.  Wow.

Hubby said, “Think about all the peace and quiet you’ll get. You can stay inside, watching out the window.” That sounded nice.

We didn’t, but should’ve, anticipated the “Watch Me!”, “Watch this!” initial phase.

Or how entertaining it would be.

The thing is, even though they are jumping on a trampoline, they are still JUMPING.  Using their legs and core muscles A LOT.

So, for World Penguin Day they are honoring the penguins by waddling.  I think I’ll honor it by watching a Penguins of Madagascar, or my favorite humorous penguins video (It’s still National Humor Month!)






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