Science Gone Wrong

We’ve really been into glow and the dark experiments lately.

We may or may not have experimented with glow in the dark rockets until possibly discovering it is against regulations to do so. But this is purely speculation, of course.

Anyway, you’ve most likely heard of the Mentos Geyser experiment.  I can tell you from personal experience that it’s awesome with Diet Coke. But we wondered if we could make a glow in the dark geyser.

We chose Diet 7-Up and broke open glow sticks to add to the mix.

It was pretty cool.  Our first mistake, I believe, was that we slowly added each glowstick ‘innards’.  If you know the science behind the experiment I think it would’ve been better to QUICKLY add pre-gathered glowing liquid a mere moment before attaching the mentos tube.

Our next mistake was putting it on an uneven surface (the grass) in the night.  Yeah, it tipped and we had a mess and an unclear shot of whether we succeeded in a glow-in-the dark geyser.  It might not have worked either way, but there’s only one sure way of us finding out.

Anyone know where I can get 7-Up and Mentos coupons?

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