Sheet Protector Art

Paint on sheet protectors and then press a piece of paper onto the painting and the result is so cool!  I was lucky enough to volunteer while students did this project so I had to come home and experiment.

You need a sheet protector, paints of any kind (cheap watercolors work great) and paper.  I also experimented with just using washable markers (it works, it’s just not as bold).

Anabelle and I chose to start the experiment by painting hearts. So easy and fun.  Then press the paper on top.

I think pressing is better than rubbing but the kiddos have done both with seemingly no difference.

Peel back and…

Super fast painting is complete!

Here’s when I experimented with just using markers. The one on the left is from watercolors while the one on the right is from markers.  Anabelle said it looked like colors pencils without all the work.

The best part: super easy clean up!  Do it over and over again or let the protector dry to display your painting in an art portfolio.  Let me know if you try it. We loved sheet protector art.


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