Smiles, Peanuts, Mayberry –Weekend Edition!

So I didn’t realize that today, Friday, is WORLD SMILE DAY in honor of the inventor of the yellow smiley face we all love so much.  On this day we are to do one act of kindness to make a person smile.

It’s Sting’s birthday on Saturday. He’ll be 59.  My hubby & I think the kids should know who that is, so we plan to play some of the  music tomorrow.

Saturday is also the anniversary of the beloved comic strip Peanuts which debuted on this day in 1950!!! 60 years of Snoopy!

I found this fun, viral video that updates it a bit.

Sunday is the  50th anniversary of the premiere of The Andy Griffith Show.  Again, our kids have no idea what that means. We have to at least watch one episode!

Scarecrow and Mrs King premiere in 1983, a show, which, I unashamedly loved until I just recently saw a rerun and was like, “THIS is the show I loved?!?”

On this day in history, a woman senator was sworn in back in 1922!!! Rebecca Felton was 87 when the Governor of Georgia appointed her to fill the vacant slot of senator for the interim, as the previous senator had died. Her slot lasted 2 days.
I wonder what that would have been like, and how that affected the rest of her life.

Germany reunited in 1990 and became the Federal Republic of Germany. I have a piece of the Berlin Wall I plan to show the kids. And you? How will you enjoy the weekend?

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