There are lots of reasons to love the suburbs.  For instance, last night Mike and I used a Cabella’s 10 dollar-off coupon to get him a pair of 30 dollar waterproof NICE gloves on clearance. Total: 60 cents at the checkout.


Then there are the cons:  last night’s trip that should’ve been, at best, round-trip 40 minutes turned into 2 hours because of the city’s policy on NOT PLOWING!

Second con: the school district has 40 schools and does their best to be technologically advanced, which means they just installed an alert system that I’m sure they were thrilled to get to use this morning.

Translation:  Phone rings and jars awake kids at 545 a.m.  It’s a recorded message in Spanish.  612a.m. phone rings and jars kids awake again.  This time it’s the recorded message in English.  A computerized voice says, “School is closed.” and then they hang up.

Lesson:  Ringers will go off each night. Email me if you need me.

Back to the point– it’s a SNOW DAY!

When the kids wake up for the third time, they’ll be thrilled with the news.

It’s ironic that basketball was invented today, years ago, because a guy at the Y was looking for a way to keep kids active indoors — he used two peach baskets on either side of the room.

I wonder what activity might get invented today…

Agenda for the Snow Day thus far:

Kids will make massive snowman, if the snow is sticky, in our front yard.

Give kids snack; send them back outside to build the largest snow fort.

Give kids lunch; send them back outside for sledding

Give kids hot chocolate; send them back…

well, you get the idea. It’s a high of 40 degrees outside, they’ll love it.  Okay, they might come inside to bake homemade muffins/cookies, and do some crafts too. We’ll see….

What about you?  Have any fabulous snow day memories to share? Ideas for me?

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