Sound Bite

Anabelle has been asking me to tell her stories of “when she was little.”   Thankfully, for Friday Flashbacks I can oblige.  This is from a full four years ago:

Tonight Anabelle, out of nowhere, asked, “So what about the baby Jesus story?”

We all froze and faced her. “What about it?” I asked.

“Baby Jesus cried out . . . a voice in the wilderness,” she responded, as if the announcer on a movie trailer.

We stared at her, a bit confused.

“It’s the story of America,” she said solemnly.

“What are you… random sound bite child?” Mike asked, laughing.

We explained the true story of baby Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas… again.

Anabelle picked up her microphone and began singing in her best vibrato, “I can know anything I want to know….”

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