Speed Talking the Bible

As we go through Genesis, as a family, Mike and I have learned that there are some portions that it’s best to speed talk in hopes of slipping past graphic details that may cause questions.  And if they do have questions, we often answer the bare generic minimum that’s age appropriate and just keep moving on.

We were reading one such passage last night.  Speed talking enabled the youngest two to miss some details but Katarina, afterwards, said, “Sheesh!  If the Bible were made into a movie, I don’t think you’d let me watch it!”

I think we’ll practice speed talking to gear up for Song of Solomon!

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2 comments to Speed Talking the Bible

  • wendy

    Because we read a book then skip around to whatever book seems most interesting for our next read, Song of Solomon made the short list early. Cool title, right? Seems kinda like you might be able to play music & enjoy a book like that, right? I didn’t even have a chance to kick in the “mommy-steering” before Savana perused a few pages of Song of Solomon then slammed the book shut screaming GROSS!
    We decided on Esther (having memorized large chunks of the VeggieTales, how tough could that be, right?) both girls were MORTIFIED when they learned that the “Island of Tickle” was really short for hanging in the town square. They may never look at VeggieTales with wide-eye-inocence again.
    I won’t even get into “harem”…

    • Fun Mom

      There are many words we were thankful Anabelle didn’t pipe up asking the definition for!!! Mike’s egging me on to list them but I’d blush too much!

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