Spinach Celebration

One week of summer passed and I’m pleased to cross off one “Mom Summer Goal” from my list.  I wanted to increase my kiddos consumption of veggies, and vowed to make a spinach smoothie that my family would like… or at least tolerate.



After a few so-so trials, I found one they like! We’ve had this every day this week and I love that they get a serving of spinach before lunch even rolls around. The trick? There are so many monster smoothie recipes out there that call for yogurt.  Except, the yogurt is what adds a bad/tangy aftertaste with the spinach.  At least in our opinion (and I’m a fan of plain yogurt!)

That, and… I add a touch of chocolate syrup to it.

Here’s the recipe that finally won them over:

2 c. ice

2 c. milk (I’ve found almond milk works the best)

3 c. fresh spinach

2 T natural peanut butter (or any nut butter)

2 bananas- if you freeze the bananas ahead of time you can skip the ice or at least decrease

and… a squirt of chocolate syrup if you want the kids to LOVE a spinach smoothie.

I personally love to serve it mid-morning after doing outdoor activities as it also doubles as a great workout recovery drink.

Yay for summer goals!  What can I say? We celebrate the small things. Let me know how it turns out for you if you try it. Or if you have any other smoothie recipes your kids go gaga for!


2 comments to Spinach Celebration

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    I haven’t tried spinach in a smoothie yet – we just don’t usually have fresh spinach on hand.

    Here’s the smoothie we have every week after swimming: whiz up some nuts, frozen bananas, and frozen berries with coconut oil. Add a bit of milk or cream (or whey if you have it on hand) and let the kids add up to four spoonfuls of cocoa powder (unsweetened is great). My kids also like to add honey, because they think honey makes everything better. It does help especially if the frozen berries are raspberries. :)

  • Summer Nicole

    This looks so yummy! We are revamping our eating habits and I will definitely have to try this! Thanks! :) (p.s. Just discovered your site and am excited to read more posts!

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