Spinning Tops! And Baldness.

I am so mad at myself.  I missed International Top Spinning Day. Last year it was on the 14th (today) but it actually occurs the 2nd Wednesday of October.  Not to worry, I’m still going to do it, because it’s got to still be Wednesday somewhere in the world… right? Maybe?  Let’s just pretend…

My kiddos made these awesome tops from an idea in Family Fun Magazine.  They have templates for the kids to color and then you just glue it to a scratched up or old cd, add a marble, and hotglue on a recycled milk carton lid. Voila!  They were so much fun to make!

My youngest daughter turned her top into a spinning dance floor for her Littlest Pet Shops.  It was a PARTY!

Make one or spin a top you already have.  The top is a toy that is in virtually every culture and country in the world, and spinning day is a day to recognize that the Earth is also always spinning.

What’s really fun is finding out what other countries call a Top.

In Iceland,  it’s Skopparahringla.  Say it three times fast.

In Denmark, they call it a Snurretop.


Check the link out, it’s funny, and educational.

Other than that, it’s Be Bald and Be Free Day… where those with wigs should abandon them and be shiny and proud.

Yeah, we’re not doing anything with that either.

Just sounded funny enough to mention, although I’m sure my son could figure out a way to snap off the hair of one of his action figures.

I think I’ll keep that day to myself.

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