Spy Test

I left everyone in the dark on what amazing yet dangerous gift Sam’s uncle sent.

It’s a spy watch

I was too shocked at the time to actually take the picture.  So, here’s one from this week’s pinewood derby (he won!! Can you tell I’m proud? But that’s another post).

I know that you’re probably thinking ‘big deal, it’s a toy, and an amazingly gigantic watch’.   Except this bad boy has a tiny video camera, audio recording capabilities, lie detector, and NIGHT VISION (with video), and a full arsenal of missions to assign young spies.

Again, it’s a toy, so probably won’t work, right?  The kids spent the night testing out it’s claims.  Video camera… works great.  Still shot camera… works great.

Lie detector: Anabelle says to Sam, “I’m about to tell you a lie.”

Sam sees that she’s telling the truth.

“I really hate Littlest Pet Shops,” she says with conviction. So convincingly, I might add, that this mama is a little disturbed.

“It says it’s over 90 percent sure you’re lying.”

“It works!” they shouted.

The last test… night vision.  After we put the kids to bed, and it was pitch black, we agreed to letting Sam run a test.  So we hopped in bed, fully clothed, and waited for him to try to sneak up on his sister and then us with his night vision.  Mike and I whispered that when we heard him step in we would jump up and scream and be all funny.

What I’m about to show you might shock you.

If you can’t see it try here.

I honest to goodness didn’t hear him come in, and after watching this video I don’t see how. Maybe the minute my head hits the pillow I’m out? I don’t know. But he could see things in the dark through his watch that he couldn’t see before. He even picked up a crayon box and put it in his sister’s bed without her noticing. And she was awake!

The point is we’re afraid…

There is a spy among us.  That, and we can’t wait for what awesome leaps technology makes before Sam’s uncles have kids.  Bwahahaha.

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