Starting December With A Laugh

So over the Thanksgiving holiday, my hubby completely cleared off the computers and did some clean installs of updated software.  It’s wonderful and awesome that he did it, but before and after left me panicked. 

I really do rely on my computer too much, and I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I screamed in frustration because I had to reinstall something or . . . I forgot to back something up. (Back up right now, I tell you!)  And worse, some of the dvd backups I made aren’t working.

But inspired by the frustration, I pulled out some old home videos and am making more backups.  They are too precious to me to lose.  This one, from a December 7 long years ago, always puts a smile on my face.  Because honestly, who doesn’t love a laughing baby?



Also, I am so thankful that the kids, for the most part, clean up after their own toys, etc.  It really does get easier to keep the house clean once their older!  I’m so glad!

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