Summer Homework

I just read an article about giving the kids homework in the summer to keep them from slipping behind.  Teachers dealing with how much ground they’ve lost over the summer break.

Enter my kiddos.

For the two weeks before the last day of school, and for the two weeks AFTER the last day of school, they hear my chant: “Summer break is a break from school NOT a break from work.”  Meaning, Hey! You still need to help around the house – when I ask you to pick up your mess, do not tell me that you’re on break!

So, if I dared try homework at this point, after drilling this chant in their head, I’d have better success using my head as a hammer trying to hang up photos on my walls.  (Have I mentioned that I just moved?)

Instead, with a little creativity I believe keeping the kids up to date on their schoolwork can be done WITHOUT handing them worksheets and the like.  It just takes some creativity… and a little planning.

Scenario #1:

Sam wants to make some no bake cookies.

A perfect summertime treat, by the way!

Now your part — make sure that all measuring spoons that directly correlate to the recipe are dirty and in the BACK of the dishwasher.

So, 4T of cocoa?  “Sam, looks like the only clean measuring spoon I have is this 1/2T.”

Sam: “Oh, well, okay, that’s 8 spoonfuls.”

Granted a bit easy but you get the idea.

Also, you can try this trick that my kids taught me!

When they are doing their homework they ask me, “Hey, mom!  How do you spell ‘Copious’?

Without hesitation I spell it, then realize he’s doing his spelling homework when he giggles hysterically.

So, spin that – at the table while writing something, anything, look up and say, “Hey, help your mother out – how do you spell ‘obscure’?”

Add  some wickedly cool science experiments for fun, a library reading program, and homework is not homework!


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