Summer Science

If my children aren’t in a pool or lake, they usually are begging to be indoors.  “It’s so hot!”  This was true when temperatures were tipping over 99 degrees. Yet today, at 84 degrees without any humidity, I taunted them, “Come on, outside!”

I stepped outside then quickly came in.  Yep, they’re my children.

So we did a science experiment that is done with brief visits outside. Here’s what you need:

You use the funnel and let the children slip in 1/2 t. of yeast and 1/2 t. of sugar into the balloon. (If you’re feeling brave, you can up the measurement to 1 t. each.)

Then add a little bit of warm water, and tie the balloon up!  The kids get very curious about what yeast is and why it needs sugar and warm water, etc.

Two seven year old girls were gasping in my yard at this point…

then the girls started to giggle….

At this point they could not contain themselves, and had to pick them up, and label 3×5 cards with their names on it to put in front of the ballooons…. but they wanted the cards propped up onto the balloons, and then . . .


See how far your crew can get before they can’t contain themselves! Let me know how big the balloons get!


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