Super Fast Crazy Hair

It was crazy hair day at school again.  In the past, we’ve had some really creative crazy hair. So I anticipated a mad rush for a comb and some random accessories yesterday morning.  Instead, my son let me know he had it handled.

He grabbed some black felt, and some yellow self-adhesive foam (inexpensive at craft stores), and cut out a mustache!

Facial hair – an element of crazy hair day that I’ve previously never thought of! Oh, the possibilities… So if you’re looking for a fast and easy solution to crazy hair day, this might be it but be warned… my son learned that you will now be known as “Mustache Man.”  We’re working on the super hero outfit to complement the name.

In other news, I’m trying not to be too suspicious, but I sometimes hear odd noises in the house.  And when I walk downstairs, I sometimes find our dog in the living room…

Her paw was on the power button and then she seemed to do a move that says to me, “You didn’t see anything. . . ”

Whadya think? Should I be worried my dog is getting addicted to daytime television? Or do I need to get out more?  Hmmm….

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