Superhero Birthday Party

We’re counting down the days until Sam’s birthday (19 days left), and as a result, reflecting on birthdays of the past before he decides on a theme.

So we’re going back 5 years this time to a superhero party!

Sam and I made the cake last night. He frosted it, then we needed to make gray frosting to create the cement wall Spidey climbs. Pretty much meant all the food coloring going in it.

I spent a good chunk of one night drawing a full-sized Superman. Sam wanted to play pin the tail, but he wanted it to be superheroes, so Pin the “S” on Superman. Then this morning I find that someone already designed that complete with poster and restickable “S” all for 4.99. doh.

Sam wants to know how I’m so good at drawing Superman. I told him I knew Superman. “Daddy is my Superman.”

Sam shook his head. “Nah. I think the real Superman should have a name that starts with “s” like me.” He looks up in the air for a moment then says, “I sure hope my hair turns black when I grow up, so I can wear that cape.”

We’ve made spiderwebs to put on the ground (thanks masking tape!) to have a Spiderwalk game.

We’re hiding Easter eggs throughout the church, which are actually dangerous bombs hidden by Lex Luthor, that the kids a.ka. Superheroes have to find to save Metropolis.

We have a green ball so we can play hot potato a.k.a. Kryptonite. Then we’ll take black paper and make paper airplanes a.k.a the Bat plane. Then, thanks to YouTube, we got all the intros to all the Superhero cartoons and made them into a DVD (5 min.). So the kids can watch it while they eat cake. The rest of the time they’ll just run around like wild animals in the gym.

I figure with 5-6 year old boys, I need to have lots and lots of running to prevent destruction.

We’ll do the pinata right before they leave (evil laugh). Let the parents deal with the sugar high.

*** reflection comments:

The party was a hit.  Sam’s sister, a.k.a bad “guy,” Catwoman Kat, hid all the Easter eggs that contained an “invisible sleeping gas that would explode and allow her to take over the world.”

The superheroes had five minutes to find them all, dump them in a box, run outside with the box and allow it to explode (keeping the box shut of course).
Then we put in a special “gas-proof bag” and disposed of it. They loved saving the day.

Except, in the interest of full-disclosure, one poor kid kept shouting, “Is this real? Is this real?” with a panicked look on his face.

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