Swap Idea Day

Today is Swap Idea Day, so we went on the hunt for ideas!  We came across many people making their own version of Smuckers Crustables, but all of them had these fancy sandwich maker devices.

I, however, have a glass.  Turns out it works great!  I recommend giving yourself a template of where to put the pb&j by doing a light initial press.  After all those crusts will be useful later!

Coating both pieces of bread with pb (or sunflower seed butter in my son’s case) keeps the bread from getting soggy.  Add a little jam on top of one of these.

Turns out it even works with Sam’s gluten free bread (Udi’s), although not nearly as well.

One mom recommended wrapping these bad boys in wax paper, slipping them into a ziploc bag and freezing them for later use.  Sweet!

While Anabelle begged to eat one “right now!” I chopped the crusts into tiny pieces, threw on some garlic powder, melted butter, and Johnny’s seasonings and baked them for 15 min. at 350.  Sam was so happy that I had some gluten-free croutons for him (using the Udi’s leftover crusts) with our salad that night.


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