Swords & Hats

I feel a bit nauseous at the moment.  Why?  Because sometimes the holidays I decide we’re NOT going to celebrate leave me that way. Not necessarily because they’re gross  -

International Sword Swallowers Awareness Day.  Yep.  Tomorrow, Saturday Feb 26th around the country sword swallowers will be showing their stuff AND inviting celebrities to pull swords back out of  -

Okay, I have to stop.  After seeing the pictures, anytime I think about it, my involuntary gag reflex kicks in. I’m too visual and empathetic.  Can’t. Handle. It.

But if you want to, go here.  There are a few historical tidbits there, but I have to warn you, there are videos and pictures, so be very careful checking it out around children.

I’m not ready for my sword-making-out-of-yardsticks-guy to see it quite yet.

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