Awesome Earth Day Project!

By the title of the post you might be able to tell that I’m excited about this latest art mom project.

The idea was adapted/inspired from a CD spinner project I saw in Family Fun. Their version could also work well for an earth day project.

If you are doing this for a large classroom, . . . → Read More: Awesome Earth Day Project!

Sheet Protector Art

Paint on sheet protectors and then press a piece of paper onto the painting and the result is so cool! I was lucky enough to volunteer while students did this project so I had to come home and experiment.

You need a sheet protector, paints of any kind (cheap watercolors work great) and paper. . . . → Read More: Sheet Protector Art

The Best Magnets EVER!

Well, I think they’re the best… certainly the most unique. I loved last year’s tea bags idea so much, I’ve been brainstorming different things to do with the concept so I could use it for the 5th grade art class! So first diy magnets, then tomorrow diy bookmarks complete with diy tassels!

Okay. First step . . . → Read More: The Best Magnets EVER!