Rice Snowman & Children With Other Ideas

I know there is a plethora of cute, awesome, amazing snowman ideas.  I saw one cute idea regarding snowmen made of socks but it required cotton batting and beans and other crafty items I don’t own.  Then I thought about rice warmers.  Could I combine the two?

I tested my theory out of some . . . → Read More: Rice Snowman & Children With Other Ideas

Sound Bite

Anabelle has been asking me to tell her stories of “when she was little.”   Thankfully, for Friday Flashbacks I can oblige.  This is from a full four years ago:

Tonight Anabelle, out of nowhere, asked, “So what about the baby Jesus story?”

We all froze and faced her. “What about it?” I asked.

“Baby . . . → Read More: Sound Bite

What I’ve Learned–Week 13

I missed Cat Herder’s Day! It was yesterday. While we no longer own cats, it just sounded like a fun day to celebrate. Sigh. Instead we’ll just watch this:

I’ve learned that not much goes on with ‘special days’ in December and that’s probably a good thing, because the upcoming holidays, concerts, and . . . → Read More: What I’ve Learned–Week 13

Kirby the Elf . . .excuse me, Secretary and Senior Elf of Child Services

We have an elf. Surely you’ve seen Pixar’s Prep and Landing, and if so, you know that elves prep the house for Santa.

This has been true at our house for many years– before the movie. The first year we knew about this Katarina was only five years old. She begged and begged to . . . → Read More: Kirby the Elf . . .excuse me, Secretary and Senior Elf of Child Services