Bad Dancing

Recently in the newspaper I found that a big club was charging money and giving out prizes for a Bad Dancing contest. And what an easy thing to do for a family fun night (or better yet when you have guests over)!

The secret to the fun is that each participant isn’t allowed to choose . . . → Read More: Bad Dancing

I Dare You to Speed

I would never encourage speeding. That’s why this activity was so fun.

You know those portable “check your speed” units? They put one up in the middle of our subdivision. Where you really shouldn’t be going over 20 mph (if that). So if you’re a fan of the show The Middle you might remember the . . . → Read More: I Dare You to Speed

Milk and Honey and the Best of the Land

Did you know there are 62 mentions in the Bible of honey! Possibly the most well-known mention is God’s promise to send the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey.

In honor of September being National Honey Month, here’s a family fun bible project you can do together:

Read . . . → Read More: Milk and Honey and the Best of the Land

The Ultimate Animal Hospital

Once upon a time, my eldest daughter owned a magnificent lion. As the daughter grew older, though, she realized the lion would be happier with a younger owner and she graciously bestowed Mufasa to her youngest sibling. This youngest daughter loved Mufasa dearly and often gave him big hugs…which is how she noticed that . . . → Read More: The Ultimate Animal Hospital