Halloween Cakes And Cupcakes (And Why You Need Aunts)

Kids need Aunts because only Aunts  would be patient enough to mix up every color of frosting and teach the kids how to make their vision come true onto the cupcake.  Katarina loved the trick her Aunt taught her of making spirals on the cake then using a toothpick to make delicious spiderwebs.

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Plush Animal Lover’s Day

To celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day, I am reminded of just how much my kiddos love their animals.  If you can relate, I highly recommend handing over your digital camera to the kiddos and letting them have some plush animal fun!  Here are a few of my faves the kids produced over the years:

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Enjoying the State Parks

If you are not one who enjoys camping (I’m not), consider day trips to state parks within a couple of hours. There are bound to be treasures for your family to see!  We just so happen to be a little over an hour from the largest sand dunes in North America!

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The Power of Audio Books

What did we do today?

We discovered the power of audio books!