No Cameras Allowed

I’ve been holding off posting anything, waiting for some photo-op moments. We’ve had a couple, but the problem is that no cameras were allowed.

We went to an art museum and a history museum in the area. I was thrilled for my children to be able to peruse the different art forms and give . . . → Read More: No Cameras Allowed

National Card and Letter Writing Month

April is, among many other things, National Card and Letter Writing Month.

I’m assuming that Anabelle’s best friend, Thea, from Washington State didn’t know this (maybe she did), but nevertheless Thea demonstrated how happy a letter or card can make someone. And sure, maybe the envelope filled with candy helped the surprise element, but . . . → Read More: National Card and Letter Writing Month

Doughnut Seeds (or Plants?!?) Part Two!

Our Doughnut Seeds grew magically in the wee morning hours.

Then I had to patiently wait until the kids woke up on their own.

Sam was the first one up and I asked him to go check on my doughnut seeds and see if they were growing anything.  He rolled his eyes, but to . . . → Read More: Doughnut Seeds (or Plants?!?) Part Two!

Doughnut Seeds Part 1 (Shhhh….)

So, continuing the April Fool’s Day surprise prep:

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. A perfect day to send the kids outside to ride their bikes and play

while I made this:

I grabbed a price sticker from something else to cover up the “really not guaranteed to grow ANYTHING” part.

A little background . . . → Read More: Doughnut Seeds Part 1 (Shhhh….)