Save Money On Dryer Sheets

Our family uses dryer sheets, and even with coupons I hate the amount of money they cost! A fellow frugal shopper overheard me ahead in line bemoaning the rising costs to a friend. He told us that we could make the dryer sheets last 3 times as long if we cut them in thirds!

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Napping, Panicking, and Ash Wednesday

I’ve been waiting for this day. There’s so much to celebrate!

Today is Panic Day. A day where you run around and tell everyone you can’t take it anymore. We do this every morning before school so this isn’t new for us. But, if it is to you, try it because then you can celebrate…

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Santa Claus

Today is St. Nicholas Day.

It’s actually a great day to talk with the kids about who Saint Nicholas was – in many countries today there are festivals and celebrations. In some cultures, kids put their shoes next to the fire place, and today will hopefully wake up to finding small trinkets like marbles . . . → Read More: Santa Claus