Today I’m guest posting at Celebrate Every Day with Me on the subject of raising funny kids. Hope you visit!

If you want to know more on what makes a child laugh at each development stage, I wrote an article on the topic for a regional family magazine that is available online here.

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Then and Now

The baton has been passed down. Last year I used to announce what ‘day’ it was to the kids in the morning and we’d plot how to celebrate. Now Sam, after receiving an almanac for Christmas, checks each evening to see what bizarre holiday we’ll be observing.

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Dog Spanish

More encouragement to write down the funny/cute things your kiddos say along the way.

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 4 years ago:

Anabelle patted Mike’s knee. Mike raised an eyebrow. Anabelle sighed, exasperated. “This,” she said, still patting his knee, “means ‘come play with me’ in dog-Spanish.”

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Totally Tubular Teens and Truffles

My daughter had a teen gathering last night… not a party, because apparently a party is “like 20 or more people… anything less is a … a gathering, mom!”

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