Today I’m guest posting at Celebrate Every Day with Me on the subject of raising funny kids. Hope you visit!

If you want to know more on what makes a child laugh at each development stage, I wrote an article on the topic for a regional family magazine that is available online here.

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Dog Spanish

More encouragement to write down the funny/cute things your kiddos say along the way.

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 4 years ago:

Anabelle patted Mike’s knee. Mike raised an eyebrow. Anabelle sighed, exasperated. “This,” she said, still patting his knee, “means ‘come play with me’ in dog-Spanish.”

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It’s A New Month!

February is here and that means several things:

First of all, we have two birthdays to celebrate, which means I get nostalgic, which means I will most likely be posting lots of flashbacks – not even birthday related. I get more sentimental than New Year’s. Maybe that’s because Valentine’s is thrown in there. Or Groundhog . . . → Read More: It’s A New Month!