Kids and Moving


A little boy is moving.  He tells a classmate, a little girl, the moving date.  “That’s sad,” she says.  “I’ll miss you.”

He smiles.  “When I grow up, before I get married, I’ll search the world for you.”

“NO!” she shouts.  “Just google me!”

“Yeah,” he says.  “I’ll search Google Earth for you!”

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Kids Take Awesome Pictures of Pets

I discovered the book, Pet Photography Now!, when researching an article about animal photographer skills.

Who would have a blast taking adorable pictures of their pet? Kids, that’s who!  So I promptly ran out and got the book for my crew.

Katarina has been the first one to take suggestions to heart.  Check . . . → Read More: Kids Take Awesome Pictures of Pets

Elephants Watering My Garden

I’m fairly new to the gardening thing, and find myself getting lazy in the watering department.

But who would do the best job of watering my garden?  An elephant . . . well, maybe an elephant that inspires my children.

Family Fun had a cute brilliant craft involving two milk jugs and bamboo skewers . . . → Read More: Elephants Watering My Garden

No Cameras Allowed

I’ve been holding off posting anything, waiting for some photo-op moments. We’ve had a couple, but the problem is that no cameras were allowed.

We went to an art museum and a history museum in the area. I was thrilled for my children to be able to peruse the different art forms and give . . . → Read More: No Cameras Allowed