Halloween Fun!

We finally finished the pumpkins! Decided to skip the green leaves on their ‘vines.’

The lil pumpkins wanted a family photo before grabbing a marshmallow.

Sam tells them all to be patient and wait their turn.

They started off trying to roast their marshmallows around one jack o’lantern.

Soon they realized that . . . → Read More: Halloween Fun!

Big Pumpkins, Waterways & Cannons, and Wildlife

Oh my goodness! Have you heard about the father and son that sent an iPhone 100000feet up in the air, recording, with a weather balloon. Awesome family fun inventiveness.  Check it out!!! We’re so watching this tonight.

What we’ll talk about tonight:   Erie Canal was opened in 1825 this day in history. It was . . . → Read More: Big Pumpkins, Waterways & Cannons, and Wildlife

Lil Pumpkins and Smores

You know those cute little pumpkins? I had a grand idea. What if those little pumpkins were sitting around a jack o lantern roasting marshmallows?

Family Fun had an idea where a jack o’ lantern was eating the pumpkins on a kabob.  Funny, but a little gruesome for the preschoolers in our neighborhood. They . . . → Read More: Lil Pumpkins and Smores