And the Award for Most Original and Biggest Costume…

goes to…

Origami Yoda.

I lost count of how many adults asked, “And what are you supposed to be?”

Then they laughed as if they understood but their eyes clearly said they didn’t. A few adults didn’t even ask they just said, “That’s the biggest and most creative homemade costume of the night by far!”

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Origami Avengers

I’ve talked about Origami Yoda before, but now my children have figured out how to make origami anything. Once you know the basic design, my children tell me it’s easy. Right now, my house is ruled by Origami Avengers, but instead of schawarma they want Rice Krispies™ bars. Especially Hulk and Agent Fury. They can’t . . . → Read More: Origami Avengers

Origami Yoda


My house feels like it contains a fight of good vs. evil. So far, with 60 Yodas traipsing around, we’re doing okay. (*Note from photographer: Pardon the blurry pics. Darth did not appreciate my lack of faith in his paper skills and messed up my focus.)

Darth Paper is one powerful origami.

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