Harry Potter Party Part 2

Pardon my yawn.  I meant to post more prep photos before the party, but then the party happened (a success) and ever since I’ve been very tired.

Back to prep:

Looking around the house (kids closets) while they were in school proved very productive!  Squishy balls, floppy frisbees, fake rocks, magic tricks, rubber duckies, . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Part 2

Doughnut Seeds Part 1 (Shhhh….)

So, continuing the April Fool’s Day surprise prep:

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. A perfect day to send the kids outside to ride their bikes and play

while I made this:

I grabbed a price sticker from something else to cover up the “really not guaranteed to grow ANYTHING” part.

A little background . . . → Read More: Doughnut Seeds Part 1 (Shhhh….)