Sneaky Fitness for Child Health Week

It’s raining pretty hard this week.  I’m not complaining because with last month’s ninety degree temps, I was more than ready for fall!  Yet, my normally active children are cooped up indoors and when that happens I find they have a hard time sleeping.

So, heading it off at the get go, I offered a challenge:  Let’s see who can last the longest on the mini trampoline – I bet I’ll beat you all!

It was on.  And I felt fit and ready to show my children what endurance meant.  We brought down the mini trampoline, cranked the tunes, and Sam started the timer.  Anabelle went first.  And she jumped and laughed and said, “This is easy!”

“You just wait…” I said.

When she said, “I could do this forever!” I said, “You say that now, but just wait…”

After twenty-three minutes she said, “This is STILL easy! I could go forever!”

I said . . . . nothing. Absolutely nothing.  This was NOT going as planned.  This was my daughter who complained she was tired after we walked five minutes or scootered 10 minutes.   Then, I did something I’m not proud of, “There’s a maximum of half an hour! No going past thirty minutes because… you’ll be sore!  You will hardly be able to walk tomorrow.”

She moaned that it wasn’t fair but got off.  Then Sam went, feeling mighty sure of himself.  Let’s just say his endurance didn’t hold a candle to Anabelle, which surprised me AGAIN!  Sam can ride his bike, run, and walk forever!  But he was drenched in sweat when he stepped out of the challenge.

Then my turn.  All I can say is… I got schooled by my own kids.  “No, Anabelle, I will NOT reveal how many minutes I lasted!”

Excuse me for that interruption.  I still stand by this sneaky way of fitness.  My burning calves and waddling steps beg to differ, but Anabelle…. she feels fantastic, never felt better.