Summer Science

If my children aren’t in a pool or lake, they usually are begging to be indoors. “It’s so hot!” This was true when temperatures were tipping over 99 degrees. Yet today, at 84 degrees without any humidity, I taunted them, “Come on, outside!”

I stepped outside then quickly came in. Yep, they’re my children.

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Nostalgia Hoops

Does your kid know how to hula hoop? If so, there are a variety of tricks to teach them available online – like hula hooping and turning around while keeping it going, or lifting up and over your head while keeping it moving…

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I know a lot of people have a summer bucket list. We don’t have a specific one, but I have been musing over what things my kids haven’t experienced yet and trying to work it in. Little things – like they just played their first game of HORSE (basketball) last weekend.

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