Summer Science

If my children aren’t in a pool or lake, they usually are begging to be indoors. “It’s so hot!” This was true when temperatures were tipping over 99 degrees. Yet today, at 84 degrees without any humidity, I taunted them, “Come on, outside!”

I stepped outside then quickly came in. Yep, they’re my children.

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Eggs Pt. 2

So, we put a raw egg in vinegar right before bed last night.

This morning it looked like this:

And it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.

It feels so SQUISHY! Weird, but fun! Just use caution – remember, it’s still a raw egg so don’t squeeze too hard and wash up afterwards!

More later…

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Clean Money

This science experiment is about as easy as you can get!

Step 1: Take your family out to Taco Bell and get lots of different taco sauce packets. (Kidding! Sort of… you really just need taco sauce.)

I took some nasty pennies and let the kids have a go with it.

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