Mentos Geyser

The Mentos Geyser experiment is so much fun!!! You will need a Be Amazing Geyser Tube Card (Thanks, Uncle John!) – it comes with a built in trigger pin and a long string so you can stand back before letting the geyser fly! I think I’ve seen them at Wal-mart for those who don’t like . . . → Read More: Mentos Geyser

Bouncing Bubbles!!!

Need more motivation to try Bouncing Bubbles? Remember the secret is to let the formula sit for 24 hours before use & wear CLEAN knit gloves!

Clean Money

This science experiment is about as easy as you can get!

Step 1: Take your family out to Taco Bell and get lots of different taco sauce packets. (Kidding! Sort of… you really just need taco sauce.)

I took some nasty pennies and let the kids have a go with it.

Anabelle chose to use . . . → Read More: Clean Money

Weird Science

I’m working on a project to find out how and why hands-on science is so valuable to kids and families. It’s been fascinating interviewing scientists around the area. So, our family will be doing some testing to see what hands-on science experiments we like the best — in addition, National Engineers Week is coming up . . . → Read More: Weird Science