Taking Over the World

We’re dog sitting all this week. The biggest difference we’ve noticed? We now have 2 dogs staring at us opposed to just one.

“I think I know what they’re thinking,” Anabelle said. “They wish they could take over the world!”

We imagined what the world would be like if they did take over the world, and decided we better keep them happy.

Years ago, Sam received a kit with a dog-bone cookie cutter and a mix for doggie treats.

Ah good memories.

For both me and my dog.

So we set out to make homemade treats!  If you decide to join us on our quest, I recommend a stop at ASPCA’s article on people foods dogs can’t eat.  We are starting with Martha Stewart’s collection of best homemade treats, knowing how much she loves dogs.

After working hard in the kitchen, the treats only produced this reaction:

Clearly, they don’t need to take over the world.



2 comments to Taking Over the World

  • tanya

    This is soooo cute!! I love the pics! My jack russell will be turning ten next week and I was thinking I’d treat her to some home made goodies! I’ll look at the links you suggested!

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    I love how you cooked something special for your visitor!

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