Tales of A Fouth Grade Something

Do you ever find notebooks used by your kids that only have maybe 5-10 pages used and that’s it?

I found such a notebook.  It was Sam’s from last year and it showed all the signs of classroom use – dates on each page, stamps of stars and thumbs up on it, and the occasional teacher comment.

Before deciding whether or not to commandeer the notebook for myself, I took a look and found some of Sam’s thoughts.  Since this blog is part scrapbook, I’m taking the liberty to copy some of his writings here:

“I don’t think that’s true.  I don’t think there are a lot of misunderstandings between old people and young people.  Grandparents usually know what you want.”

That made me laugh.  I flipped the page.

“Life is like a roller coaster.  Every big change in life is like a loop and the small changes are turns.  At the end of life, it is the end of the ride.”

My eyebrows rose, impressed. My son can write some deep stuff.  I turned to the next page, excited to read more of the inner workings of my young writer’s mind.

“The best part of 4th grade was when I burped real loud.”

I commandeered the notebook.


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