Tales of Leprechaun Days Past

After much research (Family Fun Magazine) the kids wanted to make a leprechaun trap.  Notice the lucky charms, and ‘fake gold’ as a trap.  Underneath that is a hole we put in the construction paper, in hopes of catching us a leprechaun.  And being woodland creatures, a ladder made of twigs leading to a rainbow would be perfect.  To top it off, apparently leps find rule-breaking to be as sweet as honey, thus the sign…

And so they went to bed, and waited….
The next morning we all gathered around the trap.  Wondering, listening, sniffing.  Hmm.  If I were trapped and someone tried to grab me, you bet I would be kicking and biting.  Hence, the gloves.

Sam opened the tiny scroll.
See if you can read the tiny Lep’s handwriting.
Did you know if you try to catch a leprechaun and don’t, they play pranks?!?

Not pictured:  The green toilet water in all the bathrooms.

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