We’re a curious bunch. Unfortunately, that means no visitor is safe. We usually beg you to tell us all the interesting things in your life, and then we’re greedy enough that we then beg you to TEACH us.

Victim #1 of the weekend: Uncle John.

Having a psychology professor in the family you learn all sorts of interesting things about how your senses work.

Did you know that there are Super Tasters and Low Tasters? And there’s an experiment to help you figure out which one you are?  As soon as I heard that, I went, “Ooo! Show us! Show us!”

Next thing Uncle John knew, I had him swabbing our tongues with blue dye.

Yeah, I’m pretty much a bad host.

But it was so interesting!  If you want to swab blue food dye on your tongue, look at the end and sides of your tongue to see how close your taste buds are to each other. It’s helpful to compare to other people.

Or, you could watch a scientific video explaining it. But I have to warn you, if you’re a visual person like I am, you might be cringing and looking away.

Now, this Supertaster is going to go enjoy lunch.  Taste away!


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