Teacher Prep: Kids Edition

Anabelle, like many other kids I know, likes to play ‘school’ when school is not in session.  She is usually the teacher.  And like most teachers, she knows she’s going to have to grade her students’ work. (She has a lovely class of stuffed animals – currently they are being tested on martial arts.)

She did a little digging in our craft cabinet and found some old corks that I had saved.  Next, she found some adhesive foam sheets.

She grabbed some kids’ scissors and a glue stick.

She colored each ‘stamp’ with marker before using them.

Now she has an easy grading system.

Wow. She’s not messing around.  She’s making stamps all the way to “F-”

Lucky  for her students, she forgot she needed to cut the letters ‘backwards’ to make them look right when she stamps them.

I give this craft, and the hour she spent happily working on it, an A+!


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