Tennis Lesson

In our series of hijacking visiting relatives and making them teach us stuff…

Enter Victim#2: Uncle Heath, Tennis Expert

Katarina and Sam got some great tips!  I probably should have been listening instead of taking pictures, because I’m pretty sure they can now waste me.

After her lesson, Katarina took some pity on me, and will now share some tips…

When you’re serving overhand, you’ve got to have the V between your thumb and pointer finger on the curved portion of the handle. However….

On a forehand swing, you need the V between your thumb and pointer finger to be on the FLAT side of the racket handle, and then let your fingers wrap around the curved portions to the other side.

When you swing, you want to have the racket go on a diagonal from lower to higher so it will create a spin on the ball.

Yep, pretty safe to say next time we play a match together, I’m toast.

Next, let us analyze Sam’s lesson….


Pretty wild swing. Pretty much not hitting anything.

Enter Coach Heath. (cue dramatic reality show music).  He whipped him into shape with some tennis drills and…

Next thing you know…


Okay, now he’s just showing off.  Pretend you have to use some effort to get the ball in the middle of your racket, Sam.

“Hey, Mom!  Let’s play tennis 3 times a week this summer, ‘kay?”

Did I mention I’m going to be toast?

A fitting end to National Tennis Month… and a beginning to Tennis Summer!

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