Thank You, Eric Carle

Anabelle’s Painting

Eric Carle. Do I even have to tell you who he is?  (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mister Seahorse, The Secret Birthday Message, and 37 more books.)

He has a tutorial on his website.  And, let me tell you, we had fun following in his example.

The basic premise is to paint a color, let it dry (or mostly dry), then add other colors or textures.

The kids had friends over and we did it assembly-line style.  Paint a paper… let it dry and start another…

Considering our summer paint supply had diminished down to purple, blue, black, and yellow, I thought they did an excellent job!

Mr. Carle usually covers the whole paper, but this still works with large areas of white!

Go read an Eric Carle book, or go have a snack while it dries.

Then, draw something … anything.  The girls drew things like houses and flowers. Try to stay away from small parts and details.  The boys drew things like this:

Whatever makes them laugh or smile, because it all looks so cool once you ‘Carle it up!’

We thought it kind of looked like Voldemort’s long lost twin or Gru’s (Despicable Me) cousin.

So fun! And all you need is paint, paper, scissors, and glue!

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