The Anti-Boredom Spray Bottle

Need a quick fix to keep your kids busy and happy? A spray bottle of water.  It works for even the oldest of kiddos. And it always surprises me what they discover/do with it – especially when they’re not allowed to squirt other people with it. (What?!  Cue whining.)

In this case, it was spraying rays of sunlight and trying to make a rainbow.

And … the perfect follow-up activity is to hand the child a washcloth and ask her to dry off the water droplets – you know, just in case ‘that’ makes a rainbow too.  (Bonus! Clean bathroom!  Hee hee hee.)

Yeah, my kids didn’t fall for it either, but it was worth a shot.  Now she wants to use the magic bottle to spritz herself while on the trampoline.  Sounds like a great end-of-summer activity to me!


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